“It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.” ~Eckhart Tolle

insight-timer-app-e1449094700274Meditation Silhouette Sunset Woman EveningToday, I decided to sit for approximately 30 minutes and practice a guided gratitude meditation by Cathy McDonald. My new favorite app, Insight Timer (picture of app shown above), is full of different guided and individual meditations that cover almost any subject you can imagine. The most awesome part of this is that you can make friends, see who is meditating with you around the world, and you can keep track of everything you do. There are places to bookmark the meditations you would like to use again, along with certain goals that earn you stars for your participation. This is a free app, and I absolutely love it!

gratitude-1251137_960_720During the meditation, Cathy helps you see things from a different perspective when it comes to how you view occurrences in your life. I never once thought I could be thankful for even the bad things in my life, but once I thought about it, I realized that I would not be who I am today if I hadn’t gone through all the shit in my life that built up my caring and helpful nature. You see, I have always been an empathetic person, but for many years I was so caught up in my own little world and all the terrible things happening to me that I couldn’t be grateful for what I already had. I always wanted more, and I always complained about my life and how awful it was.

sad-woman-1055087_960_720pastIn 2014, I had a series of life altering events that even up to this day I’m trying to sort out. I’m not going to get into deep detail, but by going through all these horrifying events, I was able to see things in a different light. I guess you could say I hit rock bottom, and when that happens, it’s always said that the only thing you can do is go up from there. I honestly believe that! I am extremely thankful for what I have today and who has been a part of my life the past three years. I have weeded out the toxic people in my life and found true, giving souls who have been amazing in this crazy journey of mine. Materialistically, I have less today than what I had three years ago, but I feel as if my life is better and more positive than it ever has been.

depressionquoteThe point I’m trying to make is that if you don’t have gratitude in your life, then you will never be happy with what you do have. I absolutely believe that the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is one thing, and that’s gratitude. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t appreciate it, then you’re never going to really, truly experience abundance.

Others may not have been as blessed with this intuition as I have. I once saw all these things occurring like a volcano erupting and destroying my life, but today, I see it as a gift from God. Something He helped me see so that I am able to help others in similar circumstances as my own. I hope no one has to go through the extreme issues that I encountered, but I do sincerely wish that the people who are drawn to me can learn to understand and appreciate life the way I do now by the examples I set for them.


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