“Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.” ~Grace Coddington

20160615_114050Most people fail to recognize the beauty in even the smallest things. When I lived in a small, mountain town during the summer the hummingbirds would come up to the feeder right on the porch. I would sit in a chair and watch them with awe, wonder, and fascination. One day, I got a picture of one of them (shown above), but their wings move so quickly that it’s really difficult to capture the true beauty of the tiny little creature unless you have a high-quality camera (which I plan on getting someday).2016-04-22 19.56.24

I go on walks with my dog for that reason as well. It’s mostly to get exercise, but I also love noticing the beauty in the objects people pass by every day without even a second thought. Sometimes I will glance at an object and just have an almost aching need to stop and show people that there is glamor, creativity, and motivation in the world. I often wish people could examine things the way I do at times. Someone could look at one of my pictures and wonder why I was so engrossed in a particular object, but what I try to show them was that I can see things in an artistic and awesome way and I want to share it with the world.2016-04-22 20.09.55

This also goes for anything in life. You can watch people interacting and something touches your soul to the point of extreme emotion and even tears. Don’t ignore this! This is your intuition speaking to you. The more you listen to it, the more you see messages in everyday occurrences, and the less you start to write off these happenings as coincidence. I really don’t believe in coincidence. I have said it once, and I will say it again. I can find meaning in the smallest things. For example, one day I was feeling lost and alone, and mentally asking God for a sign He was listening (or the universe…whatever you want to call it there is a higher power out there and I know it) and Charlie Puth’s song “One Call Away” started playing on the radio in perfect timing with my thoughts. Another time, I got into a huge argument with my husband and prayed to God about it, immediately after, my husband came out to talk to me and we hugged, cried, and made up.20160428_133522

If you want to call those coincidences, go right ahead, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that they weren’t. They were in absolute harmony with what was taking place in my life. They didn’t happen by chance. We have the power to choose what we want in life. That’s why we were created, but subtle hints and sublime timing should not be written off as something that just merely happened by accident or by pure luck. We can attract our “luck” by listening to and going with the flow of the universe. What we see as a curse could be a blessing or vice versa. So, next time you see a person or object you normally view as unsightly or horrid, maybe you should take the time to see the beauty in that creation because everyone and every thing is here for a reason. We were not put here by accident!101_0439

*Note- all of the pictures used on this blog today were taken by me. Copyright © 2017 [Carrie Pottberg]. All Rights Reserved.


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