“A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory.” ~Arthur Golden

women-of-god-clipart-1I am mentally celebrating the fact that I got a call today to work. This has been a crazy and tough road I have traveled, and I have spent a lot of time and effort filling out applications. I am so happy to say that this is the first milestone to the life I want. The toughest part was the situation we have been in, but we have tried to maintain a positive attitude the entire time. It’s finally starting to pay off, and it feels wonderful!

This is all I’m going to leave you with today because I promised myself I would write every day on both my blogs, but I was asked to become an author on BayArt, which I accepted eagerly. I am very excited about that as well! So, even though I didn’t write a whole lot on this particular blog today, I did spend a lot of time and effort on this: http://bayart.org/just-keep-swimmin-finding-nemo/. I spent the entire day trying to post it because there have been internet issues all over this area today. It’s been exhausting…so please do me a huge favor and check out my first post on BayArt and have a wonderful, magnificent night!!!!


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