“Nothing remains constant except change itself.” ~Unknown


sapling-154734_960_720Change…that is a word or thought that most people cringe from. Most people want to remain in the soft cushion of their comfort zone. Nonetheless, when you look up the word change in the thesaurus, it provides a person with words like development, correction, metamorphosis, reconstruction, remodeling, advance, and adjustment…among so many other words. All these are positive words!

180px-Metamorphosis_of_a_Butterfly_Merrian_1705Development is something that happens when you learn and grow. Correction is an action that takes place when you make a mistake. If we couldn’t correct our mistakes, then what would be the point of living? Metamorphosis occurs when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. That is a beautiful transformation. Reconstruction and remodeling obtain opportunities to make something better. Advancement means that you are able to go farther in life, and adjustment is the result of being able to adapt to a certain situation.

remodelChange is not easy. Just like all these actions, it takes time and it can be difficult. However, how can a person move up or go anywhere in their lifetime if change never took place? Our lives, like the seasons, transition into new periods of uncertainty. It’s can be scary, but one thing I have learned is that the magic of this thing called life usually appears outside of your comfort zone.

BMCS Polzin advancementThat is why I have spent more time trying to embrace the craziness change offers instead of freaking out about it. This is very hard with the way my brain thinks, but I have been more open-minded about certain things, and the results have been awesome! Think about these words next time you encounter some sort of change in your life. You will be surprised to see that even if it is an unpleasant experience, you are able to learn something or grow during this process.

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