“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ~Thomas A. Edison


gesture-41359_960_720The days have been crazy busy, so it’s going to be interesting trying to figure out how to fit all my different blogging needs into one day once I start working as a Residential Direct Support Professional on April 3rd. However, I will try to figure it out. My personal blogs are important, but I feel as if my work on BayArt is getting more hits because there are so many other people on there. I wish I knew what people liked!!

13579511404_daff93c60bI mean people like my stuff, but they don’t comment on my stuff, so I’m not totally sure what to provide my audience with. People don’t really read this as often as my other writings either.  I spent a lot of time yesterday overhauling the setup of this blog site once again trying to gain some traffic, but I still don’t know how many people read my stuff on this blog site. I have some followers, but not as many as I do on Who Blogging Cares? I am going to still keep going with this, but my main focuses have been on the pages that get the most attention.

riff-149642_960_720I chose the quote above to go with what I wrote on BayArt today. Check out my post by following this link: Five Motivational Classic Rock Songs That Will Never Die

I think the document on the link above came out pretty well considering I am still new at this whole Yoast SEO and readability optimization. I’m not able to use that on here since I’m using a free host right now with WordPress. I met all SEO standards today, so I’m getting better. The readability was off because I was quoting song lyrics, so I ignored that today.

stones-451329_960_720Tomorrow I am going to work on something different and funnier for Your Daily Shot of Inspiration because it’s “Funny Friday”! Hope I can get some traffic in here soon because I’m starting to wonder what else I need to do to inspire others or if they even want to be inspired. People seem to love my poetry on Who Blogging Cares? Feeling a little confused, but I want to succeed with my writing even though I have bigger priorities at this moment. I need to stay fresh with my writing, which is why I promised myself I’d write every day. Well…hope everyone enjoys their night…or day…depending on where you are!

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